Individual Event criteria and competitor standards, judges’ orientation and other documents
for speech competitors and coaches.

Helping parents raise empowered communicators who share God’s truth
with others

The Bible requires Christians to be capable of giving a defense of their faith. CCA organizes Individual Speech Events (IE) to train students to become strong, effective, and knowledgeable communicators.

Our competitive Individual Events are divided into Oral Interpretation, Public Address, and Limited Preparation speech events. Students are encouraged to engage in topics that are relevant to national and global issues and deliver their messages with Biblical principles and truths.

Individual Events prepare competitors to examine and respond to diverse perspectives while enhancing career and lifelong skills such as research, writing, and presentation skills.

Speech events teach students:

  • Academic research and analysis
  • Grammar and composition
  • Proper citation
  • Presentation skills
  • Vocal delivery and articulation
  • Political and social awareness
  • Physical presence, poise, and composure

Words from former CCA speakers