About CCA

Always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you;
yet do it with gentleness and respect 1 Peter 3:15


Founded in 2002, Christian Communicators of America is a non-profit organization that focuses on developing rhetorical and critical-thinking skills in homeschooled students, so they may confidently express themselves in a manner that brings glory to God.

We provide character-enriching opportunities through Speech and Debate tournaments for students to practice and refine their research, refutation, argumentation, and public speaking skills while building Christ-like values and making lifelong friends along the way.

CCA continues to grow our support network of community volunteers, coaches, and families in preparing the next generation of informed Christian leaders.

Christian Communicators of America Speech
and Debate Program

It helps parents and students interested in our Speech and Debate program to assimilate our purpose and philosophies to ensure
that we are all working to accomplish the same goals.

See the full CCA Speech and Debate program description here.

Christian Character Building

Competitive events provide opportunities for learning respect, honesty, humility, and gratitude as well as creating deep friendships amongst participants.

Distinctively Christian Individual Events

Each year, CCA selects an apologetics event with a Christian focus that allows participants to take advantage of memorized Scripture to give a defense of their faith in real-world topics.

Christian Focus

CCA is a Christian-focused Speech and Debate Program based upon a conservative interpretation of the Holy Bible.

Evidence Books Disallowed

CCA does not allow the use of evidence books. We require competitors to be responsible for the quality and accuracy of any and all evidence presented in a debate round.

Biblical Worldview

Literature, presentations, and delivered topics should exemplify a wholesome, uplifting, and God-honoring message that is consistent with Biblical truth.

Individual Events Offerings

Our Oral Interpretation, Public Address, and Limited Preparation events aim to help students exercise and improve their analytical, oratorical, and presentation skills. CCA selects events from different genres each year to encourage competitors to participate in new events in order to expand their abilities.

Family-friendly Schedule

CCA tournaments are held at a maximum length of two days, making it more practical for both Mom and Dad to participate and be involved in their children's education.

Traditional Debate Criteria

At CCA debate tournaments, the traditional criteria of carrying the four stock issues of topicality, significance, solvency and inherency will be the primary basis for determining the winner, except when there is an ethics violation.

Consistent Judge Training

CCA strives to ensure our judges are consistently trained so that they know the organization’s standards and decide accordingly.

Purchased Affirmative Cases Disallowed

CCA believes that the construction of an affirmative case is an important activity that should be the work of the competitor. Purchased cases are prohibited in our tournaments.

School-Life Balance

We believe that a student’s schedule should include time for other enriching activities such as church and community involvement, exercise, other academic subjects, socializing, and family life. CCA has limited the length of the competitive season to one semester, allowing students and their families to concentrate on other subjects for the remainder of the year.