CCA Board Announcements – November 2017

Mr. David Schubert has, after five years as CCA President, stepped down from that position in order to facilitate the transition to a new President while he is serving out the final year of his six year term on the CCA Board.

Mr. Duane Miller has been elected by the CCA Board as the next President; Duane re-joined the CCA Board after a four-year sabbatical. Duane was a founding board member and CCA’s first president.

The CCA Board is currently comprised of Mr. Greg Walker of Indiana, Mr. David Besse of Ohio, Mr. Steven Putrich of Ohio, Mr. Duane Miller of Ohio, Mr. Mark Knudsen of Michigan, and Mr David Schubert of Michigan.

The CCA IE Committee consists of Mr. Jerry Pierce Jr., chair, of Kentucky and Mrs. Becky Bowyer of Indiana.

The CCA Debate Committee consists of Mr. David White, chair, of Indiana, Mr. Nicholas Bolzman, Esq., of Virginia, and Mrs. Beth Vellalos of Hawaii.