CCA Board Announcements – May 2017

After thirteen years of faithful, dedicated service, the last founding CCA Board member, Mr. Bob Walker, will step down at the end of May. Bob’s steadfast leadership and vision for what a Christian communication organization should be were crucial in the formation of CCA. His involvement in homeschool speech and debate extends back another six years before the founding of CCA for a total of nearly 20 years of service to our community. Bob’s knowledge, expertise and humble spirit will be sorely missed by the Board.

Mr. David Besse has joined the CCA Board. David has also been involved in CCA for many years, currently serves as CCO president and is part of the QTO club in Ohio. As principle and director of the 415 Group’s IT division, his talent and expertise will significantly benefit the CCA board.

Mr. Greg Walker has joined the CCA Board. Greg has long been involved in CCA, and is part of the Logic club in Indiana. As an Indiana General Assembly member, as well as a tax and finance law consultant, Greg brings a unique skill set to the CCA board.

Mr. Duane Miller has re-joined the CCA Board after a four-year sabbatical. Duane was a founding board member and CCA’s first president, and currently serves as a debate coach for the CSDC in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the manager of engineering services and a welding design consultant for the Lincoln Electric Company of Cleveland, Ohio. Simply said, Duane’s acumen and experience are unsurpassed in this league.

The CCA Board is currently comprised of Mr. Mark Knudsen and Mr. David Schubert, Mr. Greg Walker, Mr. David Besse and Mr. Duane Miller.

After ten years of innovative service, CCA IE Chair Mr. Eric Mishne has stepped down to pursue a doctoral degree with the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University. Eric was an award winning speech and debate home educated high school competitor before CCA was founded, and later served as coach of the SWAT club in Ohio. He came to the IE committee as a Cedarville University student in 2007, and has chaired the committee for the past 5 years.

Mr. Jerry Pierce Jr., previously a member of the IE committee for a number of years has been appointed to chair the committee. He is part of the Prime Club of Kentucky, and has been involved in the ministry of CCA for eight years. Jerry is an Agricultural Economist with the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, and has worked as an educator and consultant to farmers in business and financial management, income tax, and business organization for over 30 years.

The CCA IE Committee consists of Mr. Jerry Pierce Jr., chair, of Kentucky and Mrs. Becky Bowyer of Indiana.

The CCA Debate Committee consists of Mr. David White, chair, of Indiana, Mr. Nicholas Bolzman, Esq., of Virginia, and Mrs. Beth Vellalos of Hawaii.