2019 Resolution

Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase the percentage of total revenue that is derived from indirect taxation.

The Resolution Letter of Intent is found here


Why is debate important?

Here are some comments from previous home school debaters:

"Debate helped me improve and strengthen my critical thinking, reasoning, and public speaking skills immensely. It also helped me to think on my feet more effectively. Of all the high school activities I have participated in, debate was definitely one of the most beneficial."

- Cadet Daniel S. Hunt, West Point Military Academy class of 2008

“Debate has provided me with a solid foundation in research, writing, and public speaking that has helped me excel in college and law school.  In addition, debate has instilled in me discipline and self-control as I learned to respond effectively to criticism.  The work ethic and high expectations set by debate are essential to the completion of any student's education.”

- Joanna DePree, B.A., Hillsdale College, Ave Maria Law School graduate

“The most important thing debate did for me was prepare me for college. Actual classes, scholarship interviews, and even social activities allow and often require me to put the skills I learned in debate to good use."

- Benjamin Schubert, B.A., Hillsdale College, currently teaching middle school in Bahrain

“Debate has helped me in immeasurable ways. By forcing me to think rationally and quickly, it has helped as I attend college, whether it is answering a question in class, taking an exam, or researching for a paper. Regardless of what direction your life goes, participating in debate teaches practical skills that are useful almost anywhere.”

- Nicholas Bolzman, B.A., Patrick Henry College, currently employed with HSLDA